Website Design Services

You are looking for someone to design a website for you?

Perhaps you just don't have the time, the familiarity, the skills, the creativity, or would rather just let someone with experience get it done quickly, whatever the reasons are why you are searching, Essential Website Design can work with you to create a website that meets your needs. Whether you are looking to bring the online presence of your small business up to speed, get your service out there, create a content publishing or personal site, start a blog, or any other website, I can work with you the bring your ideas to life and meet your website design needs. 

Essential Website Design builds websites with refined design, content and visuals that communicate your message to your target audience. Website design is my skill; the people and businesses I help accomplish their goals and take their business to the next level are my passion, whether they are a small business, sole proprietor, service professional, blogger, an individual, couple, or anyone else.

As a small business owner of over 8 years with technical acumen, I struggled creating an online presence for my business by myself. As a detail-oriented person, I wanted to have it be exactly what I picture and desired to project to my buyers. I wanted my website to offer everything I needed it to while making it the best experience for my visitors so I could convert them from a visitor, to a customer, to a returning buyer. My experience expanded to creating original photography, content, and video of my products. My relentless attention to detail, quality content, creativity and most importantly experience can be your asset! 

Essential Website Design Services:

  • Website Design for Wix, SquareSpace, GoDaddy™(GoCentral) or Shopify. If there is another that you would prefer, such as Big Commerce or another, please let me know in your contact message. 
  • Unique URL address* 
    • (*please note this is unique to the web design site or e-commerce site, for a specific domain you'll have to purchase that separately but I can walk you through it and connect your site)
  • Website Content*
    • *(Bring your own website content or have unique text or imaging created or selected by me)
  • Design of e-Commerce shop 
  • Specific recommendations and suggestions for growth, including:
    • Social media
    • Marketing materials
    • Additional content to round out your site or protect your business

What do you get when you choose Essential Website Design?

You get a personal commitment from me to give your website design the same attention to detail and design as I would mine. With that you someone who is responsive and right there when you need them.